The City owns and operates four municipal golf courses. The city opened the first golf course (Dixie Red Hills) in 1965. Today the city owns four courses which includes Dixie Red Hills, Sunbrook, St. George Golf Club, and Southgate. Combined, the golf courses have 72 challenging holes and are open year-round due to the accommodating climate. The golf courses are a major attraction for visitors and are a significant contributor to the City's economy and sales tax base. The golf courses also provides a number of beneifical programs and charity events including the Junior Association of Golfers (JAG), PGA Hope, Vets on Course, First Tee Utah, Youth on Course, and on average 16 charity events annually raising significant funding for local organizations that benefit the community.

Awards and Honors - July 9, 2020

Eight Immensely Enjoyable Golf Courses For The Casual Golfer

Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, St. George, Utah

This nine-hole par 34 course features spectacular red rock settings and playability. Dixie Red’s layout meanders around the sandstone cliffs commonly seen in the area. The golfer-friendly design includes hundreds of mature Cottonwoods, Mondale Pines, Mesquite, and other trees that provide ample shade during the area’s warmer months. If you want to play in the red rocks, you can’t get any closer than this. You’ll be calling shots off the boulders, around the cliffs, and through the trees as you find your way to the green. (Read the article here)