Human Resources

The human resources department has responsibility for administering many of the personnel functions for the City of St. George. We provide a broad range of services to all employees and act in an advisory capacity when needed. Our goal is to deal with each individual and each situation in an honest, respectful and objective manner with the ultimate outcome determined by what is in the best interest of the City of St. George and its citizens.


As an organization the City of St. George has a lot to be proud of and look forward to. We encourage new ideas and solve challenges in ways that create value for our citizens.


The heartbeat of the City of St. George can be found in its committed employees. We honor those who tirelessly strive to serve, teach, protect and enhance our community. We approach opportunities and challenges as a team and find ways to help each other succeed.


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St. George Fire Department

St. George Fire Department staff includes reserve firefighters, part-time firefighters, full-time firefighters, the Chief, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal, a fire inspector, and an administrative assistant.

If you are interested in becoming a full-time firefighter, you will need to possess a current Utah or National Registry EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic certification. Reserve firefighters and part-time firefighters are not required to be EMTs.

Fire Department Careers

St. George Police Department 

Why is the St. George Police Department right for me? The St. George Police Department offers amazing career opportunities, advanced training, community support and quality of life with amazing advancement opportunities.


What benefits does the City offer its full-time employees?
The City of St. George covers 100% of the premiums for the High Deductible health plan for full-time employees and their qualified dependents. The City also offers two Traditional medical plans. Employees have the option to upgrade to one of the City’s Traditional medical plan with a lower deductible by paying the premium difference between the QHDHP plan and their selected Traditional plan. The City also offers voluntary benefits including dental insurance, vision insurance, flexible spending and health savings accounts, and retirement savings plans at the employee’s cost and discretion. Health care coverage begins the first day of employment. In addition, the City provides paid life insurance, AD&D, LTD, and an impressive retirement plan. Employees have the option of payroll deductions for Roth IRA, 401(K) & 457 plans. All benefits are effective on the first day of employment. The City also provides 12 paid holidays plus 12 paid sick days per year. For more information, please visit our careers portal at
How do I apply for a position with the City?
You must submit a completed City of St.George application before the closing date/time of the application period. You can apply directly on the website at
I am interested in applying for more than one (1) job. Can I use the same application?
Although your information is saved in your applicant account, you must fill out a separate application for each job.
I'm interested in applying for a job that isn't available at this time. Can I still apply?
No, we only accept applications for current openings.
The Job Announcement indicates I need to be able to type at a certain rate of speed. Where do I take a typing test?
A typing test will be administered to those selected for an interview prior to the interview. You will be given a warm-up and two attempts to pass the typing test. If you pass the typing test with the net words per minute required (words typed/minute - errors), you will be interviewed. However, if you do not pass you will not be interviewed.

If you feel you need to practice your typing, we suggest you search on the internet for "free typing test." This will provide you with several options and give you the chance to practice and improve your skills.
If the position I'm interested in requires a 60 net wpm typing test, isn't 59 net wpm close enough?
Unfortunately, no. If the position has a minimum requirement of 60 net wpm, your typing test needs to be at least 60 net wpm.
What should I include with my application?
If special consideration as a veteran or disabled veteran is of interest to you, you must include a copy of your DD214. In addition, make sure you include photocopies of any applicable licenses, certifications, etc. Please read the Job Announcement carefully to ensure that you provide the documentation needed to show you meet the minimum qualifications. You may also be required to provide copies of your diplomas and/or transcripts of your grades if higher education is a minimum requirement for the position. You are welcome to provide us with a cover letter and resume.
I applied for a job six months ago and now I see the same job is open again. Do I need to reapply?
Yes.  Please apply online at
What is the City's hiring process?
Once you apply, your application is reviewed and, if your qualifications meet the minimum requirements, moved forward on an ongoing basis to the hiring manager for further consideration.  Once the position closes, the hiring manager ranks the applications based on the experience, skills, and abilities shown in the information provided by the candidate in comparison with the job announcement. Additional screening and/or testing may be done at this time. The hiring manager and Human Resources then interviews the most qualified candidates. Depending on the number of qualified applications for a position, only a select number of individuals may receive invitations for interviews. Following the interviews, an applicant is selected and a job offer is extended, contingent on the results of a post-offer, pre-employment Background Check and Drug Screen. The extent of the background checks depends on the position and may include criminal history, credit history, etc. All other candidates are then notified that they were not selected for the position.
You have a job posting that indicates it is a "roster". What does this mean?
We have a few jobs we recruit for on a continual basis. These jobs may or may not have current openings. For these jobs we put together a "roster" or a list of interested/qualified applicants. We accept applications and screen them to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for the position. The applicants that meet the minimum requirements are kept active on the roster until we begin the next hiring process. Therefore, it is important to understand that if you apply for one of the roster positions, you may not be contacted for several months. If you apply and do not meet the minimums, you will receive an email response thanking you for your interest.
I notice several full time positions are available. If I am employed as a part time employee, will I be given preference for a full time position?
If the position is posted as "Open to City Employees and the General Public," part time City employees must apply and compete with the general public for open full time City jobs that may be available.

However, occasionally a position will be posted internally only. In those cases, part time employees may be eligible to apply depending on the specific qualifications required for the position.
If I accept a part time position with the City, how many hours would I normally work?
As a part time employee your hours could vary greatly depending on where you work. Some of our part time employees work 5-10 hours a week and some work more than 20. All part time employees, however, must average of no more than 28 hours per week in a 12 month time-period.