Youth City Council

The St. George Youth City Council (SGYCC) is a self-directed group of teens who are charged with representing and advocating for youth throughout the community and to the St. George City Government.

As a collaborative effort, the group's main objectives are to develop future leaders, give a formal voice to youth, engage in civic education and community service, and improve conditions for local youth. All while promoting the St. George City Values, Integrity, Innovation and Efficiency, Professional and Personable Services, Teamwork, and Excellence. 

Members learn about the challenges and successes of local government, gain an understanding of the operations and functions, and take an active interest in addressing issues relating to local affairs, community events, and youth issues. Participating in the SGYCC further helps to improve members' abilities in leadership roles, project development and management skills. 

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Youth City Council

Youth City Council Frequently Asked Questions
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Youth City Council Official Handbook
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement fto participate in the Youth City Council?
Yes, Students must be between 14 and 18 years of age.
Must students be enrolled in a middle or high school?
Yes, students must be enrolled in middle or high school.
Do students have to live in St. George?
Yes, students must live within the City of St. George.
Are there fees to join the Youth City Council?
No, there is no fee to join the YCC.
What is the time commitment required to be on the council?
Members must attend 80% of the weekly meetings and the bi-weekly meetings held during the summer before the school year starts. Meetings usually last between 1 to 1 ½ hours. Prior notification should be given to the recorder if a student needs to be absent. Extended absences may be excused under special circumstances. There are other time commitments to fulfill service projects or plan projects. These are scheduled by project supervisors or committee chairs.
What types of community service does the council do?
The YCC plans and executes activities in the community such as food drives, Christmas activities, community dances, and activities which collect money for worthy causes. It also participates in St. George City Council meetings at times to report on its activities as well as to understand the workings of the City Council. The YCC also plans recreational activities for itself to build teamwork and friendships.
What opportunities are available in the Youth City Council?
Every year, the Youth City Council selects its officers, allowing members to be responsible for a specific portfolio. Any member of the Council is also eligible to be a project manager for any activity the Council participates in. Project managers will lead a committee, then direct the Council at the time of the project.