Lawn Bowling

Come join the fun of year-round Lawn Bowling! Lawn Bowling, much like Bocce Ball, is when bowlers must “bowl” for a “jack” and the closest ball scores a point! This is a great and interesting game for players of all ages and abilities! (No previous experience required!)


$4.00 for Adults (18 yrs +)

$3.50 for Seniors (62 yrs +)

$3.50 for Children (4-17 yrs)


Do I need to bring my own equipment?
No. We have about 25 sets available for use.
Do you have to have a reservation to play?
No. Everyone is welcome!
Is Child Care provided during Lawn Bowling?
Partially, Child Care is provided during aerobics classes and the hours do overlap somewhat, but not entirely. 
Is there any other time we can play?
No, unfortunately the Lawn Bowling mats are difficult to set up and they take up a lot of space in our Main Gym, so we will only offer Lawn Bowling during the allotted times.
How many people are required to play a game of lawn bowling?
There must be a minimum of 4 people to play.