Lapidary & Jewelery Making

Learn the intricacies of silversmithing and lapidary work in this new and exciting class! Lapidary is the art of cutting, polishing, and working with stone.
All tools and supplies are included. All skill levels are welcome!
Classes Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM - 12 PM or 12 PM - 3 PM

Jewelry Making Program

Chain Making Classes- Mondays, April 22- May 20 @ Noon-3:00 pm

Learn how to make bracelets or beautiful chains for your jewelry. This class has no soldering and is for all levels. It does not require any prior jewelry-making experience. We will start with how to make your jump rings in large batches safely and quickly. Then we will make a few basic chains before moving into varieties of chain mail. This is a techniques class. Students will leave with samples they made of each chain in copper. 

Beginning Jewelry Making Class- Mondays, March 4-April 15 @ Noon-3:00 pm

This is a class for the absolute beginner, or for someone who hasn’t done this in a while and would like a refresher course on soldering with silver. We will cut, shape, and make a bezel to fit a stone. We will then solder that down with some embellishments. We will make a bail and polish the piece. We will finish by setting the stone. Instructor will introduce several pieces of equipment in the jewelry studio including the torch, and the safe use of them. This is a project-based class and students will leave with a pendant made of silver with a cabochon stone set on it. Stone selection will be different than shown on the sample. 

Tube Setting Workshop- Thursday, March 14 @ 9 am-4 pm

Learn a quick and easy way to set round faceted stones. Students will solder a few pieces of tubing down on a base plate. We will then use burs to cut a seat for the stones at the correct height and then set the stones. The class will be working with copper tubing on a brass plate, although the same techniques apply to silver. This is a techniques-oriented class. Beginning Jewelry class, or knowing how to solder and set a cabochon is recommended.

Rivet Making Workshop- Tuesday, March 12 @ 9 am-4 pm

If you can drill a hole in it, you can connect it. Learn how to attach things without solder or glue. We will go through three types of rivets- wire, tubing, and using tiny brass screws. This is a techniques class. Students will learn riveting by putting two sheets of brass together, but the technique applies to endless materials. This is for all levels.

$100/ Resident; $107/ Non-Resident; $8.00 daily drop-in rate
Equipment Is Provided; silver is not included

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