Good Sports St. George


Good Sports St George is a community-based initiative dedicated to promoting and fostering a culture of RESPECT, KINDNESS, LEADERSHIP, POSITIVITY, AND SPORTSMANSHIP. This initiative aims to create a positive sporting environment where athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, and administration prioritize respect, integrity, and teamwork in youth sports. The focus extends beyond the outcome of the game. The City of St. George recognizes that sports have the power to shape individuals and communities, and therefore emphasizes the values and principles that make sports a valuable and enriching experience for all involved. Through various programs, educational initiatives, and events, Good Sports St George actively promotes and encourages sportsmanship at all levels of competition. The Youth Sports division works closely with local sports clubs, schools, and community businesses to instill a strong sense of fair play and respect for the game.

One of the key objectives of Good Sports St George is to provide resources and support to participants and individuals to create a positive sporting environment. This includes offering training and development programs for coaches and officials, promoting inclusive practices, and fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among participants. Good Sports St George also recognizes and celebrates individuals who embody the spirit of good sportsmanship through the bi-annual Good Sports Awards. These awards acknowledge athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers who consistently demonstrate exceptional character, fair play, and respect in their sporting endeavors. By promoting good sportsmanship, Good Sports St George strives to enhance the overall sporting experience for everyone involved, creating a positive and enjoyable environment for participants and spectators alike. St. George Youth Sports firmly believes that through the principles of fair play and respect, sports can play a significant role in building stronger communities and nurturing the personal growth of individuals.

In summary, Good Sports St George is a community initiative dedicated to promoting and fostering good sportsmanship, fair play, and inclusivity in the great City of St. George. Through various programs and initiatives, the organization aims to create a positive sporting environment and invites you to take part in this great initiative. Let us all be "Good Sports" in St. George!